I’m back

Life … it just gets in the way sometimes . . .

It hasn’t been the best year or more, but I’m going to make it better.  One way to do that is to get active in the things I love again, including reading and reviewing.

This site was initially started as a way to share my knitting obsession (but I only ended up with one knitting post. ever.)  Then it went to a more personal blog with a few basic reviews thrown in here and there and then it totally switched up to a book blog.

There are going to be some changes.  Books .. definitely yes.  But also some needle arts posts and reviews.  Knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching (I found an awesome site for GORGEOUS cross-stitch charts that knocked my socks off and found myself hooked on it again – I’ll tell you about it).

Some personal posts here and there as well … a few of my favorite memes.  I’ll wing it as I go.  I missed writing here (and didn’t realize how much until I started writing this).  I missed visiting all of my favorite fellow bloggers.

I have some cleanup to do (a mini site re-vamp), but, you’ll be hearing more from me soon.  🙂