My daily routine!

I’m not a book snob. I may consider myself a bit intellectual, but a book doesn’t have to be high and lofty for me to enjoy it. My ratings system is based purely on my own personal enjoyment while reading:

1 star – not even my enemies should read this
2 stars – there’s at least one good thing about it
3 stars – it was an average sort of read
4 stars – very good; I liked it a lot
5 stars – amazing; you should read it and all of your friends and relatives should read it too

Why you’ll never see a 1 star rating on my blog: If it’s THAT bad, I won’t even bother to finish reading it and I don’t think it’s fair to rate and review a book that I haven’t finished. BUT … you MAY see a “DNF” (did not finish) in my Monday memes for books read. THAT’S a sign .. 🙂